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2L Bio Co., Ltd.

2L Bio was founded in 2015.
We are specialized in manufacturing and selling
sterile absorbable PDOPLCLPLLA, PCL sutures with needles.

Our product brand name is LUNAQ.

Our quality and safety are approved by CEISO13485 (GIC)GMP and KFDA.

Products are being manufactured through our self-invented and patent-registered mechanical equipments.
The equipments are all invented by the CEO of 2L Bio, who has Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.

Credibilityquality and safety are our first motto.

2L Bio Co., Ltd

Intro Video

Intro Video

2L Bio on the Air!

2L Bio was on TV introduced as one of the most innovative and expected to be the most developing venture companies in Korea!

Constant R&D

Our self-invented unique manufacturing machines

The thread manufacturing machines in our factory are all self-invented and self-designed by the C.E.O of 2L Bio, as a result of a long study and research with constant R&D.

Certificates & Patents

Acquired the most significant certificates
with various patents through constant R&D.

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2L Bio Main Wall
Company of Innovation

An Innovative Inno-Biz Company

Aknowledged as one of the most innovative companies in Korea by the Korean Government.

A Company with Chances and Privileges

An Alternative-service providing company for the Korean substitute military service system.

  2L Bio has been selected and being supported by the Korean Government as to be one of the alternative-service providing corporations for the Korean substitute military service system. We provide chances and privileges to Korean young men to substitute Korean military service.
  This has been possible since our company has been acknowledged by the Korean Government on the aspect of our development prospect of recent years.

Remote Control

Smart Factory

Our manufacturing process also can be managed by the remote control systems.
We have acquired an award certificate by the Korean Government as a Smart Factory.